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Architect Studio 3D

I like Architect Studio 3D. You can design a house à la sims but at the same time learn about archtecture. Especially if you haven’t played the sims I imagine this exhibit/learning tool as very successful. I don’t know much about architecture but I imagine that this site captures the work process well, by trying to make you think like an architect in a pedagogical way. It has a good structure, the site. 

The creators explain:“Architect Studio 3D offers a unique opportunity to explore architecture and the design process by designing a house online—and then touring it in 3D. With Frank Lloyd Wright as your guide, you first review the needs of your client and the particulars of the building location. Then start designing, taking your ideas from floor plan to final 3D model. Share your house design with the world in the online gallery, and discover Wright’s own story and his innovative buildings. ArchitectStudio3D provides students with a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge of architecture and the design process, and to learn about Frank Lloyd Wright and his innovative work. Designed to appeal to the interests and abilities of 11-14-year-old users, students will experience the creativity and challenge of being an architect, while at the same time gaining practice in skills related to national education standards in math, social studies, language arts, and fine art. The site allows students everywhere the opportunity to experience the “learning by doing” that makes our on-site Youth Architecture Workshops so popular. Addressing various learning styles and demands of curriculum, is a great teaching tool that is both challenging and satisfying.”


Harvest of History


In the Harvest of History exhibit  exhibit you actually get to make your own videos, or more like chose content from the exhibit and edit it. I just wonder how people use it. It takes time and effort to create a good movie. Are people willing to put all that effort into this?? Editing is fun but farming history… NOT.

Black Holes: Gravity’s Relentless Pull

Black Holes: Gravity’s Relentless Pull is a fun site becuse it is packed with interactives. I got interested in black holes for a short while, which says a lot. I especially liked trying to create my own black hole, for some reason. Except that one, there’s a chance to travel through space and to find and identify all spacy stuff with different kinds of telescopes. And it’s not only filled with interactives, it also stores colossal information on black holes. But what I will remember is creating black holes.

Abraham Lincon’s Crossroads


Abraham Lincon’s Crossroads This is an exhibit you cannot watch passively. You have to participate by making choises at every crossroad in Lincon’s life. This way the exhibit makes it impossible to go through it without learning anything. And you cannot hurry it up. You have to listen to the audio til the end, and then you get to make your choise.  I like the idea of dividing this political figures life into political crossroads, but of course it is an american exhibit, with the american hero theme, so it is really easy to make the right choises. We all know the american hero…

Franklin Remixed

Franklin Remixed is a online exhibition made by middle school students and their teachers, on Ben Franklin of course. The interesting thing is that this exhibit is nothing more than a spiced-up wordpress blog and a flickr account. They’ve uploaded pitures to flickr and then blogged them. They installed a few plug-ins, a podcast player and a an audio slideshow player.This is an example of how easy it can be to create a web exhibition, even without coding knowledge. But foremost the exhibition contains a lot of examlpes on how visitors can be able to contribute to the exhibit in different ways.



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