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British War Memorial Project

An online war memorial, or an Internet project holding over 500000 photos of the graves and memorials to British and Commonwealth service personnel who have died between the start of World War I in 1914, and the present day.

About the project from webpage:
”I started the British War Memorial Project in 2001 with two aims in mind; the first to create a photo archive of the graves and memorials to service personnel, so that friends and loved ones could make a ‘virtual’ visit to their resting place, at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world – without having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles at great expense.
The second objective was to allow people from any walk of life, the opportunity to become involved in what I call ‘active Remembrance’. I felt this was as important an aim as the creation of the image archive itself. Apart from the annual Remembrance events held in November, there is not a great deal of opportunity for people to show their respect and offer something back. The Memorial Project gives a sense of ownership back to those who are involved and has had a profound and meaningful impact on the lives of the Volunteers who visit the memorials and cemeteries. Not to mention those who find details of their loved ones and relatives within the Online Memorial.”

The website gets its material, photos, from volunteers and British Armed Forces operating overseas. The visitor can search the sites archive and make a virtual visit to a grave. This is the web site main purpose; that a relative can visit the virtual grave and not have to travel and or get themselves into danger.

The search function is easy to use and fast. It returns a list. I searched for “steven” and received 45 records, see picture. From the list a user can directly see if there is a grave photo. I think the creators purposes are well achieved. And it’s an example of how visitors can contribute to the site content or the online war memorial itself.