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Today the web is a full of digital systems, almost all of them with there own navigation system. This forces us to learn how to navigate system by system. By time some universal icons and shortcuts have been created and exist in most Web applications. As an Interaction designer can we use this universal language to create easy to use interfaces?
In the real world airports uses icon language which almost anyone regarding culture and country can understand. It is necessary because airports are a place where people from the whole world passes throw. Airports base their icon language on a limited set of symbols which make it easy to understand. The web is like an airport, also a host to people from the whole world. Can an icon language, based on limited symbols create more understanding for web-surfers? Or will it just limit the creative possibilities for us designers when creating web navigation systems.
When looking for information about this web design issue I surfed into this.
ISO/IEC 11581 Icon symbols and functions
There is a published standard. The question is who uses this standard, and is a standard a good thing?

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