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“Se vad lite interaktiondesign kan göra!”


Den 30 Maj har vi examensutställning i Folkets Park. Kom dit mellan 14 och 21. Välkomna!

Vill ni se vår prototyp?



Brainstorm 1, Five Purposes


  • Creating discussions: use abstraction to get reactions.
  • Mcluhan’s Coolness: Create intriguing but uncompleted information, and the visitors will try to fill in the blank spots.
  • Create a notice-board without telling what it is.
  • Connecting research: Old material with new technology, old metaphors with new research etc.
  • Reconciliation

  • With your own past: You need to mourn and understand. Try to forgive. Realize that you are not alone by talking to people that experienced the same.
  • My Space – pages for the dead members can be seen as good places to mourn and comforts by.
  • Personalize (“pimp my experiences”) to evolve the feeling.
  • Let the “evil” side tell their stories.
  • Commemoration

  • Tell the story of life instead of death: personalize – make it possible for visitors to tell the life story of the lost.
  • My Space
  • Make a living tombstone, create something dignified, silent but beautiful.
  • Contemplation

  • Audio creates contemplative environment, good and calm audio.
  • Controlling visitors without boring them. Try to get visitors to spend time during the visit, no stress. To start a contemplation process.
  • Abstract – play on visitors fantasies.
  • Combination of beautiful but tragic.
  • “Coolness” – make something understandable but incomplete.
  • Education

  • Create an engaging experience – by real stories and possibilities to walk in the shoes of the war victim. Learning by doing on the web.
  • Create an entertaining experience – use not as much text. Combine different mediums and control visitors without boring them.
  • Let the visitor create.
  • /a & s

    Web Characteristics

    – A fast and effective tool which makes you work faster.

    – The anonymity of the web can make you feel safer than in real life.

    – Internet have the power to make you become more daring and curious.

    – The web is quick to involve the user, make her immersed and make her into a participant.

    – A meeting place for many different media. A place for different media to collaborate.

    – An experimental place. A place where people want to test the boundaries and push them further, were people actually go to be experimental. Where they search for new kinds of experiences.

    – A messy place where you easily get lost. A jungle.

    – A place of enormous storage possibilities.

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    So far….

    So far it seams like the site should be some sort of war memorial for the web, where we look at what the web can do for the memorial. We use the purposes fo the Polynational War Memorial (research, education, negotiations, reconciliation and contemplation and commemoration) and translate them to see how they could be fulfilled on the web. So far the site will contain 3 parts:

    – A community: A place for grassroot perspective research, education, negotiations, reconciliation and contemplation and commemoration.

    – A Main Memorial: A “wow”-experience designed part of the site. We still have to consider (1) what the wow experinence more precisely should be about, and (2) how to create wow-experiences on the web.

    – The Polynational War Memorial Web Exhibition: Includes videos of the 3D-models, interviews, 2D and texts.

    Translation of the purposes:


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