The theater collective Hotel Modern gives in Kamp an interesting solution on how to reinact the historical reality, and I think to awake thoughts on war. They explain: 

“An enormous scale model of Auschwitz fills the stage. Overcrowded barracks, a railway track, a gateway with the words “Arbeit Macht Frei”. Hotel Modern attempts to imagine the unimaginable: the greatest mass murder in history, committed in a purpose-built city.

Sixty years after its evacuation, Auschwitz has become a dark icon of the modern era, a mythical catastrophe, almost a fairytale. What occurred there is difficult to believe, sometimes even for those who experienced it. In CAMP, Hotel Modern attempts to re-enact the historical reality.

The model of the camp is brought to life onstage: thousands of 3″ tall handmade puppets represent the prisoners and their executioners. The actors move through the set like giant war reporters, filming the horrific events with miniature cameras; the audience becomes the witness.”

I might be wrong of course, but I imagine that there are a lot of things going on out of the cameras lens as well, and that is was intrigues me in this piece. And that is something that can be transferred to the web as well. The visitor could for instance be in control of the camera, but not of the situation. Cause as long as the visitor can’t see the whole picture (as the audience can in the theater piece though), as long as he can only see what his camera sees, he won’t feel in control at all.   



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